mardi 28 juillet 2015

A la rencontre des enfants avec le SIPAR

Tuesday, we followed SIPAR association (mobile library for children), one of our parters, in a village near Phnom Penh. It was very helpful for us before we go in villages at Battambang province.

SIPAR goes in this village once a week, for 1h30. It aims to encourage the school learning.

We introduced ourself to the children in khmer, so we practiced khmer. We learned during our first lesson which took place on monday. We have very good teachers, they are our khmer co-workers. We were able to tell them :
- Hello (Tchoum riep sour)
- My name is... (Knom tchmour...)
- I'm...years old. (Knom mean ayu...chnam.)
- Je viens de France. (Knom mopi Baran.)
- I'm french. (Knom chea chuncheat barang.)
- I'm studying... in France. (Knom Baran.)

A SIPAR member taught children how to count with a song. Then, children were separated into small groups with us to read some stories and draw together.
That was a great  moment. We are very glad for this afternoon and we are so impatient to be in villages !

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