lundi 3 août 2015

Ceremony of peace

Yesterday, the School Of Peace (SOP) invited us to the Ceremony of peace.
The School of Peace is the major activity of Interfaith Coopération Forum (ICF).

Realizing the importance of builduing religious coopération in the Asian region, the ICF was formed in 2003 to facilitate the examination of différent religious perspectives on the root causes of some of the threats and conflicts we experience in community today such as poverty, consumptive lifestyles, unjust distribution of land and communal violence.  

ICF supports regional religious partnerships in working together for the transformation of society based on the common values that Asia's faiths share, including the spirituality of its indegenous people.

The 15 participants of the School Of Peace meet them with the aim of encouraging engagement between peoples of differents faiths  in Asia. They come from conflict aeras of Asia and share different faith perspectives. Through lectures, exposure visits, and interaction with one another, the participants are able to learn about other faiths, and the beauty of the diversity. Together they develop strategies for building communities of justpeace at the local, national and regional levels.

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