samedi 1 août 2015

Khmer lessons

These were some activities that Cambodian students taught French students like how to speak some easy khmer phrases. We were really happy to teach and learn.
As an introduction of the Khmer langage, French students learnt to present themselves. Then, Cambodian students taught French students to express themselves, ask questions, give some basics orders and to name numbers, colors, dishes and animation objects.
Some examples :
  • What do you like matching your spare time? I like playing soccer.
  • I would want a bottle of water.
  • Can you pass me a glass ?
  • Spoon
  • What is this color ? It is blue.
  • Turn left.
  • Catch the ball.
  • Silence please.
  • Come here.
  • What’s going on ?
  • I want eat.
  • I’m tired.
It will allow us to have bases to communicate with Cambodian people when we will be in villages.

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