jeudi 6 août 2015

Visit Angkor Wat Temple

Yesterday morning, we visited Angkor site and also the best heritage in Cambodia, as known Angkor Wat temple. We  left home at 7h20. While we were taking  touk touk, we enjoyed seeing the landscape along the road. It was great and beautiful.

view on the road to Angkor site

The scenery in  Angkor site

We arrived there at 8h30. Firstly,we visited Bayon temple. It is a great one and interesting.

Bayon Temple
And then we took time to  Banteaysrei temple and we also enjoyed the great lunch on the touk touk. After that we went to Taprom temple and the last, Angkor Wat. We took a lot of photos and we were extremely delighted and excited because we saw many special styles of architectures during that periode, especially Angkor wat and Banteaysrei. It is unbelievable in what the architects did at that time. More generally we are really proud of Cambodia.

Banteaysrei Temple
Taprom Temple
Angkor Wat Temple in behind part

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