vendredi 1 août 2014

The new experience for cambodians in Angkor Wat temple !

On a day recently, I'm really proud of visiting one wonderful heritage in my country.That is Angkor Wat Temple, which the first time I have visited. It's exactly proud of Cambodian people that we have a such amazing thing to show the world.

To sum up, Angkor Wat Temple was firstly built by the king, SORRIYEAK VEAROMAN II, but not yet completed.The king who completed this building is king JAYA VEAKROMAN VII. In his period, Cambodia was the most developed country.He also the one who is active in the Buddhism religion.Because of this, all people try hard in the unity to developed the country directly.

To my own point of view, I'm totally pleasure to visit this temple.At first I never imagine that Angkor Wat was like this,but the exactly appearances of  Angkor Wat was more interesting.In addition, we Cambodian government can get much more benefit from the tourism sector.Thus, we all have to keep this world heritage for long time more to the future.Angkor Wat is the wonderful thing not only in Cambodia but also in the world.

We all Cambodians love Angkor Wat!!!

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