mardi 19 août 2014

Two weeks with children in the villages

After being a coordinator with French students in the villages for two weeks, I found many changes in my personal life and society situation. Despite confronting some difficulties in the villages, we still got succeed in our team work.

Firstly, we went to the Charm Noam village. We started our project on Monday in order to make good communication with the children. In this whole week, we played the children the tale was named, “Little Berry”, which was divided into 4 parts. In addition, we also played games and did the painting with those children. We started at 8 am in the morning and stopped for a small break for lunch time at 11:30 am. And in the afternoon we spent only 2 hours more for free games. During the week, we also have rehearsed the children how to play the tale, to sing, and to dance the Khmer traditional dance.At the end of the week, we showed many things like dance and the tale play. We both coordinators and children were very pleasure during the shows. In the other hand, we also took many photo with altogether.

Secondly, we had the same mission in another village in KVAY. In this moment, we did as similar as what we did last week, in contrast, we got better result. Here, there were about 160 students that they seemed to be very happy to join with our program. Especially, they were very good for making communication. From day to day, we had English class for them, and also play many kind of game. On the fourth day of the week, we had a big game with all children mixed together. This game is to show that we have to have unity with all members in the group even though we small or big. For the last day of the week, we asked the village chef to do the invitation for parents to join our shows. On this day, we both Cambodian and French students did the fashion show. It was very well-prepared. Moreover, we had many interesting programs like tale or dance.

To sum up, it was really nice memory during two weeks with all children. Despite being a bit tired, we are still so pleasure. This is also a good thing which shows that how capable person we are in order to have communication with children. We will keep this experience with our lives forever.
Thank you!

Kimhak HEANG
(A big miss from Cambodian students)

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