samedi 8 août 2015

Let's visit silk farm!

 We are in the bus going to the silk farm
How lucky we are today!
It is 14h30, we are ready to go to the silk farm, one of the biggest natural silk producer in Siem Reap, located about 10 km from Metta Karuna center. It took us 30 minutes by bus to get there.

 We arrived the farm at 14h05, and we started our visiting with a guide speaking french.
The guide presented us first the cocoon life circle. The parents of cocoons' parents create eggs and die respectively in 24 hours. Kindly see the picture below and learn more about the cocoon life circle:

 This is cocoons afer 4 days
 The next was in Spinning and dyeing workshop place. People are working actively and carefully.

Let see the video below about the process of silk: 


 ...The end of our visiting was in a shop. There were many kind clothes, wallets, pillows, and other things that are very interesting in the shop.
It was a joyful visiting brougt us many new knowledges and new experiences. It was the first time for our team to go there and to know how to produce natural silk by cocoons.

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