jeudi 30 juillet 2015

Notre preparation au centre Metta Karuna

Metta Karuna is an interfaith reflexion center in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Metta means Loving kindness.
Karuna means Compassion,

Metta and Karuna are two of the four pillars of Buddhism.

Sister Denise comes from Australia but she has been living in Cambodia for 24 years. She fights against landmines, cluster bombs and she also fights for human rights in Cambodia and all over the world. She takes care of the center and is helped by volunteers who are from Cambodia or from foreign countries.

Since September 2004 until September 2016, Elisabeth (who is a French volunteers from Inigo program) help her to receive the different styles groups here.

We are there to finalize our program during 10 days before going to villages !

The only problem is Kostia's one, he often say us : "Be strong against Club Med psychic complex" because the place is very cosy and very different to the villages that we will visited later.

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